Salvation Army Assists Chile and Peru Residents Affected by Floods

multifaceted professional in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Christina Westafer has worked in a variety of fields, including laser therapy, medicine, acting, and modeling. Christina Westafer currently serves as a laser medical technician for Silk Spa and remains active with several charities, including the Salvation Army.

Founded in 1865 by William Booth in London, the Salvation Army has since spread its mission to points around the globe. In it work, the organization aims to share Christian values, educate individuals, relieve poverty, and provide charity to communities.

Recently, the South American chapter of the Salvation Army has furnished assistance to those affected by the calamitous floods and mudslides in Peru and Chile, which have taken lives of more than 20 people and destroyed many more homes. A Salvation Army team, along with the municipal and Civil Defense authorities in Chosica, Peru, has distributed 20 tons of water, milk, and food to those in need. In addition to material support, the organization has worked to provide valuable emotional and spiritual care.


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Christina Westafer

A resident of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Christina Westafer presently works as a medical laser technician at Silk Spa. She previously pursued career interests in the entertainment industry, working as an actress and spokesperson at events such as conferences and trade shows. Also a talented dancer, Christina Westafer is proficient in such styles as ballroom, jazz, and tap, and she has achieved success as an instructor, sharing her knowledge in both children’s and adult dance classes.

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